News and the random thoughts of the day

News and the random thoughts of the day

IMG_5055Hello friends,

Next week my epic move across the world begins… I imagine until the dawn of 2018 I will be spotty at best both on posting and on replying to your fantastic questions.

So let me get ahead of the curve and try to answer some of the common questions.

Q: Kurt, where is my next chapter of Anamnesis?

A: Still brewing in the witches cauldron, waiting on the blood of a honorable Klingon warrior. Okay no seriously, I have rough drafted the first 2 chapters. I have the next say 5 plotted out, but I need more hours in the day to make them a reality. SOOO, chapter one will be posted in December, and 2 in January, and then hopefully much faster, say every 1-2 weeks.

Q: What happened to the Liberty Trilogy?

A: Like a fine wine For Liberty…, …With Justice, and Not With A Bang are growing better with the months they remain on the editing block. I have managed to get a few queries out on For Liberty… While I’m in this transition to a new address and continent I’m not aggressively pushing them. Would be nice to have my life a bit more sorted before I open myself to the assault that is working with publishing professionals. 

Q: Who’s your favorite author?

A: That’s like asking a parent for their favorite kid… you can’t actually say when the other might hear! I would have to say Frank Herbert, but there are so many that have impacted me on a personal level as well as inspiring and shaping my writing. Now because this is my blog I will name a few and why…

  • Chuck Palahniuk: Writes crazy characters, and bends your brain while also not following any of the rules about not offending your readers. I want to be as brave with my writing as Chuck.
  • Claudia Grey: Claudia captures the inside of her characters so well. The people she writes are deep, emotional, flawed, and so real that I don’t ever question that the stories she writes happened.
  • Douglas Adams: Hitchhikers will always inspire me to have fun when I write. It reminds me that it’s okay to be silly, unpredictable, and to break up the story with a little fun.
  • Chuck Windig: A new addition to my list. Chuck writes diversity in a beautiful way. His characters are from all walks of life, good, bad, evil, misunderstood, and they are all the heroes of their own stories. I love that he writes LGBT characters, children, and elderly in a way that doesn’t call them out as the token diverse characters. They just are what they are, and I really hold that up as the standard on how to be diverse with out shouting it to the heavens.
  • Andy Weir: My list would be incomplete without this stand-up guy! Andy is a self-made writer, and he didn’t lose his center as he’s now become a name in the biz. He still helps kids with their science projects, and interacts with his fans like a real dude.

Last one…

Q: Kurt, are you going to write any young adult?

A: *Maniacal laugh*…. I do indeed have a project I am mulling over. It’s dark, gritty, almost touching horror/suspense but under the campy umbrella of sci-fi. I’m not too worried about starting it right now because the market is still a little clogged with the Hunger Games and 1 millions offshoots bloom that happened. I will tell you it’s going to be called Stratum, and there are three books planned.


Prologue – Anamnesis



42 years ago astronomers on the most remote human colonies observed a growing dark spot at the edge of the galaxy.


The void initially appeared to be a black hole, of such an immense scale it blocked out the light of an entire sector of space.


This theory held until the exploration vessel Indomitable was dispatched to observe the black hole in person. The Indomitable’s final transmission was received nearly 20 years after humanity’s discovery of the void, but Indomitable never reached the expected location of the void.


They reached it nearly a year early.


Halfway down the galactic spiral the Indomitable experienced a loss of navigation due to a lack of necessary visible stars to plot a course. Their final message, sent hours later as they realized that the void had grown to encompass thousands of light years. Rather than finding a black hole with an immense gravitational pull, they found nothing…


The Indomitable’s final words were a warning to humanity.


The message amounted to a single terror filled word, “Run!”


The Indomitable along with countless stars and planets have simply been swallowed in the spreading darkness. The void is growing faster than the speed of light, and in a matter of years it will reach the outer human colonies in our spiral of the Milky Way galaxy.


In the face of despair, a spark of hope ignited. At the far edge of the galaxy a previously dormant area of space has suddenly awoken.


A pulsing signal is beaming across the galaxy from the once dormant area. There is no data, only the rhythmic pulse of a navigational beacon beckoning all who can hear it away from the void.

Anamnesis © By Kurt DeManche all rights reserved.

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