Divorce hits hard, but thankfully Jace has good friends who are there to encourage him to get back on his feet. 

Step by step, a laugh at a time Jace is trying to heal and get back to his writing, but he knows he needs to challenge himself and turn a new page. 

When he decides to enter endurance race things don’t quite go as planned but he finds himself on a journey he won’t soon forget. In the company of a man who doesn’t say much but exudes a calm control Jace pushes himself farther than he thought he could go, and along the way finds a strength and a rebirth he desperately needs.

The international crime, boarder hopping, Taylor Swift karaoke, and drug cartels certainly help heighten the adventure for Jace, but the big question is who will he finally become once he finds Hakomi?

Genres: Comedy – Pop-Culture – Adventure – Coming of Age – LGBTQ+ 

What do a boring Lab Technician, a Surf Instructor, and a High School Teacher have in common besides being old high school fiends?

… Well they actually were supposed to be the inventors of time travel… Until a pair of recklessly good-intentioned time traveling tourists fucked it up.

Now its literally a race against time. Time is fracturing and with each new anomaly the chances of saving the future grow a little more dim. The fate of humanity and all time rest in the hands of a few ill-suited anti heroes and a talking corgicorn from the year 3269.

It won’t be that easy though, a mad-scientist from the future wants to rewrite history, and he’s not afraid to recruit some of history/future’s worst bad guys to his evil plans.

Get ready, this is a ride to remember assuming time is still a thing.

Genres: Comedy – Pop-Culture – Adventure – Science Fiction – LGBTQ+ 

Two visitors to the bedside of a man on death’s doorstep.


As they stand vigil over a dying man they recount stories from his life, and begin to show a mystery of a life that can only fully be understood in reverse.

Who was he?

Was he good?


Well intention, but mistaken?

Did he manage to take the unpardonable to his death without anyone finding out?

Let’s find out…

Genres: Philosophical – Comedy – Supernatural

A Danish science experiment sought to find the thin line fo reality between our universe and a parallel one. They thought the experiment failed until a world-wide phenomenon emerged.

Lucid dreaming unlike anything anyone has experienced before… Not only are the residents of our Earth experiencing vivid dreams of another world eerily similar, but not our own, but strangers similar to people on our own world are appearing at random and causing chaos.

In a world gone wrong in our sleep love will try to find a way as Charlie dreams his way into Trish’s world.

The fate of both their world’s rests of their ability to master their own dreams and work together to fix the barrier between their universes, even if that means tearing their loves apart.

Can these dream-crossed lovers see beyond their own feelings to save their dying worlds?

Genres: Science Fiction – Romance – Thriller

Tagline coming soon…

Genres: Thriller – Psychological – Suspense

Tagline coming soon…

Genres: Comedy – Pop-Culture – Paranormal

Tagline coming soon…

Genres: Science Fiction – Dark – Psychological – Suspense – LGBTQ+ 

Tagline coming soon…

Genres: Science Fiction – Dark – Young Adult – Adventure – Coming of Age – LGBTQ+ 

Tagline coming soon…

Genres: Comedy – Pop-Culture – Mystery – Suspense – Thriller – LGBTQ+ 

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