Kurt DeManche is a Colorado native. He started reading science fiction when he was knee high to a cylon… Okay that’s enough third person.

Fiction has always been a window into worlds that can only be imagined, and to me that escapism is what makes it beautiful. I studied psychology, political science, and finally information technology at various universities and started dabbling with a scifi story of my own. It… and the sequel will never be subjected on the mass population due to restrictions on cruel and unusual punishments that might come from being forced to read my early work. But those early attempts taught me two things. 1: I love to write. 2: I’m capable of weaving the kind of escapism and characters that I so love reading. 

Since the early 2000s I’ve been working on developing my writing style and mastering my voice. I still have a day-job that wants to pretend it’s my all consuming passion so writing remains a hobby I adore and want to make my world in a few years. Until then I write.

Drop by the works page if you want to see things I’m working on, or the blog to see what’s on my mind these days. Hope to see you in a bookstore soon!


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