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Chapter One

Today should have been the happiest day of Eliana Nelson’s career. She had successfully climbed her way through the ranks of the Earth Fleet, and now she stood moments away from earning her first command. She should have been feeling butterflies at the prospect of her...


Well have hit snag number one with my 2018 writing schedule. My stuff--which had to be shipped via cargo ship--isn't here yet. That means my writing computer complete with all the research, character sketches, and plot outlines for the new book is still somewhere on...

New country, new city, new home

Happy holidays and happy new year! Happy to announce that I have secured a place here in the lovely country of Bahrain. Have a cozy corner of the city where I'll get to call home for the next few years. Still working toward getting chapters of the current project out...

News and the random thoughts of the day

Hello friends, Next week my epic move across the world begins... I imagine until the dawn of 2018 I will be spotty at best both on posting and on replying to your fantastic questions. So let me get ahead of the curve and try to answer some of the common questions. Q:...

Prologue – Anamnesis

Opening lines of Kurt’s new work in progress Anamnesis.

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