It would be impossible to sum up all the lessons learned at Killer Nashville, but I’m going to give it an old college try.

1: There are a lot of different kinds of writers…

  • I had the pleasure of meeting a great many writers who were drawing heavily on their own life experience to form the basis of their books. On the flip-side I met a number of writers who have a truly amazing ability to put themselves into the consciousness of another person (Their character) and to channel it like it was their own world.

2: Do what you’re good at…

  • From comedy/action/romance/horror there are people who can write it well, and there are those that struggle. The great thing about being in a large group of writers is you learn that there is room for each person to write what they are good at. When you need to branch out there are talented people out there who are more than happy to help!

3: Sometimes you just have to start writing.

  • There are ALWAYS reasons not to write. Work, family, distractions, and dare I saw the internet… You can to remember that the magic can’t flow until you start putting letters/words onto the page.

More to come…


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