News from Kurt…

  • Website updates:
    • Updated the works page! Finally have a little info about the ongoing projects.
      • Liberty Trilogy: This is my main focus right now… trying to get them ready to query and hopefully sell in the sort-term. This was my first Thriller project, and so far I love the genre!
        • Planning to continue the series past the trilogy in the form of novellas for some of the secondary characters. I felt like they stories were excellent, but there just wasn’t enough room in the book to give them the time they deserved. So keep an eye out for details on those novellas in the coming months.
      • Ellipsis: This is my white whale project. It’s still in the drafting/design phase, but I’m hopefully to put ink to paper in the next year. It’s a science fiction space opera. I have wanted to build my own world in the time-honored legacy of Frank Herbert, Orson Scott Card, and of course George Lucas since I was a little guy, and this project has evolved into that effort.
      • Stratum: At the moment I feel like the market is over-saturated with this type of series, so it sits patiently waiting in my mind for its day. It’s a Young Adult, dark, survival thriller, but with some heavy horror/scifi tones. I have it planned as a trilogy with plenty of wiggle room as the ideas flow.
      • 7th Age Series: This was my first full-length novel I wrote… I love the series, and even self-published one of them on Amazon before I started taking the writing job very seriously. Its a near-future science fiction with suspense, and post-apocalypse elements thrown in. 2/5 novels are roughed, and another started but I’m not actively trying to sell this one at the moment.
    • Stand Alone Books in the works…
      • Hakomi
      • I Saw You Naked
      • Wagon Train To The Stars Temporal Paradox
      • In Memorial Of The Human Race
      • Here There Be Monsters
  • Killer Nashville: Later this month I’m off to Killer Nashville 2017! Such great workshops and panels scheduled! Yes, I will be live tweeting, and blogging so if you can’t hit up a writer’s conference this years hopefully I can share some helpful highlights!




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