So over the last few months I have been focusing very heavily on the creative side of writing. I have been in the midst of my day job (military) and my free time has been getting rough drafts written for several projects. I love that phase! For me the rough draft is the best part… the raw idea-to-paper transition is amazing, surprising, and a wild ride. At the end I’m usually exhausted mentally, and get such a feeling of accomplishment when the story that has lived in my brain–usually knocking around at the expanse of whatever I should be thinking about–is finally complete.

There is a next step though on the road to publishing, and when I started this blog to catalogue my experiences I wanted to highlight the whole publishing experience. So over the next weeks I’ll be hitting on some of the lessons I have learned while I accumulated a small mountain of rejection letters. I’m no J.K. Rowling, but hopefully my experiences can help others along the way.


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