I’m excited to have the first few readers finished with Hakomi. It is a very different story from most I have done. It is a coming of age story, but with a good bit of humor, and a little more action than you expect. 

The story takes place in a variety of different places, but centers around a hiking trip across most of Arizona, and into Northern Mexico.

As a kid I lived in the Mojave desert so this part of the country holds some nostalgia for me.

One of the things I’m excited about with Hakomi is the cover art. While it doesn’t always end up being the finished piece, I like to do my own cover art during the draft/editing phase of a project. For me this a way to capture in visual what I just spent forever trying to create in words. For Hakomi the cover is going to be a weathered map with the route hand annotated.

There will be a few more clues to the journey included on the cover. Like these…

So what do Rosanne, cocaine bricks, and lizard tracks have to do with a coming of age story?

You will have to wait for Hakomi’s release to put that all together.


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