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Jace is a pretty average guy with a broken heart. His marriage collapsed around him, and now he’s struggling to find meaning in his ordinary life. That’s when his best friend Evan tell him about Hakomi.  A Hopi indian tradition of finding your place amongst the realms.

He has fantastic, sassy, and irreverent friends, a good job, but he still feels empty in the loss of his love.

Jace begins to train for a feat of endurance, and along the way encounters a cynical old man, Arch, with his own ideas about the meaning of life. The two set out on a journey that will surprise both of them.

Finding yourself isn’t all its cracked up to be and Jace and Arch quickly find themselves in mortal peril in the middle of nowhere, but it also may be the key to healing their old wounds and setting their paths straight.

Adventure, danger, humor, and horny lizards await you on the journey to find Hakomi.

IMG_1840 I Saw You Naked

I was born a poor Irish kid named Declan McAllister. I immigrated to Boston just trying to make a better life for myself. Then I died horribly, but like a pop star’s music career I didn’t exactly stay dead.

Now my days are spent watching the world around me go by. Some days it’s all fun and sex games, and other days it’s tragic worthy of a 90s Emo song. As a ghost I can inspire fear in the people around me, but I want to be more than the butt of a campfire story.

As the years fly by being a ghost isn’t enough for my fellow ghosts and I have to decide between my fellow ghosts and the safety of the living. It’s Sophie’s Choice between a psychopathic ghost who just might be a mass murdered, and a world of humans that don’t even know their protector is a dead virgin from the 17th century. Don’t judge!

Energy balls, drunk hot girls, and copious amounts of Science Fiction references will be my best allies as I face the perils of the afterlife to bring a warning to the living.

Don’t read my book unless you want to live.


I’m always chewing on new ideas, but these are the novels I have ready to send off to the publisher.



  • Wagon Train To The Stars Temporal Paradox
    • Comedy take on time travel and pop-culture in the early 2000s.
  • In Memorial Of The Human Race
    • A philosophical science fiction novel tackling the deeper meaning of life, and examining how we face our impending deaths.
  • Here There Be Monsters
    • A child raised in a compound of agoraphobic adults has a unique and terrifying understanding of the outside world. The world outside the walls is either a post-apocalyptic nightmare, or just the twisted perceptions of a child, either way their are monsters for the child to face down before they are ready to face the real-world.



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